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Blue.pngPlease read the Further Steps for convenience concerning your Workflows.

Blue.png How to install older versions of GeoMedia Smart Client click here.

Blue.pngIf you have already installed a previous version of GeoMedia Smart Client create a backup and uninstall the existing GeoMedia Smart Client before installing the new version. The configuration (for example IIS and sites) will remain.

Blue.pngIf you have installed an engineering patch (version without installer) please execute a repair with the old setup before installing the new version.

Blue.pngIf you are upgrading GMSC 14 to GMSC 15 and you are using your own language files, please download them again at the GeoMedia Smart Client Language Administrator.

GeoMedia Smart Client uses the Intergraph Setup Manager to install the software.

1. Install all prerequisites

Required prerequisites

IIS 7 or higher

Microsoft .NET 4.5.1

Register ASP.NET 4.0

C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework64\v4.0.30319>aspnet_regiis.exe -i 

AccessDatabaseEngine_x64.exe (in case that Microsoft Office x64 is not installed and GeoMedia Libraries or Access Warehouses will be used)

In case of Oracle: Make sure that the Oracle Client with ODAC Components is installed. The correct version (in case of instant client) can be found at: [1] --> 64-bit ODAC 11.2 Release 4 ( for Windows x64. If you want to assure that the connection to your oracle database works properly, select RUNTIME in the option menu at the client installation.

Continue with the installation of the GeoMedia Smart Client once the prerequisites have been installed successfully.

2. Open the GeoMedia Smart Client CD/DVD, or go to a network folder where the Setup Manager is located.

3. Double click on setup.exe; the Intergraph Setup Manager will start with the following dialog box:

Install1 2015.png
The links displayed under Action will change from Install/Configure to Modify, repair or remove, or Remove, reflecting what you can do at any given point in the installation or update process. The icons under the Status list will also change, reflecting your current status in the installation or update process.

4. In the Software list box, select the software that you want to install.

5. In the New Software dialog box, click Install under Action. The installer will start. Please wait until the following dialog box appears:

Install2 2015.png

6. Follow the instructions in the dialog box.

7. By default, the product is delivered to the following locations: C:\Program Files\Intergraph\GeoMedia SmartClient\. You can change the location to any other folder by clicking Change and navigating to a new root folder.

Install4 2015.png

8. Deselect a software component if you prefer to install this specific component onto another server.

Install5 2015.png

Click Space to get an overview of your free disk space.

Install6 2015.png

9. Click Next.

10. Click Install to install the product.

Install7 2015.png

11. When GeoMedia Smart Client is installed, click Finish. You are returned to the Intergraph Setup Manager dialog box.

Install8 2015.png

12. After a successful installation, an additional Configuration dialog box is displayed. GeoMedia Smart Client needs to be configured. This includes naming and configuring a virtual Web site and setting a path where the GeoMedia Smart Client warehouse folder will be installed.

Install9 2015.png

13. In the Configuration box, check for Geomedia Smart Client and click Configure. The GeoMedia Smart Client Configuration Wizard will start.

14. Initialize your license. Generate your license by visiting our licensing Web site (, and use the Composite Key. Point to your license file or to the server where your license is installed. Note the Target Location!

Install10 2015.png

15. Specify the configuration string to the database schema that will be used for GeoMedia Smart Client. The schema will be filled automatically during the first run of GMSC Administrator.

Install11 2015.png

Blue.pngThe schema must have been created previously.

In case of Oracle: The following statement can be used to create the schema. These are the minimum requirements.

Blue.pngIf you want to have a restricted runtime role after your first start of the GMSC Administrator click here.

In case of SQL-Server: Just create a new database on the SQL Server and define a user. The database name and the user with the password must be the same as in your GeoMedia Smart Client configuration (see figure in step 15).

16. Define the warehouse location. The GeoMedia Smart Client Warehouse is used for files and folders that are only needed for the GeoMedia Smart Client (CSF, Servercache, and so on).

Install11 2015.png

17. Now set the Web site for the GeoMedia Smart Client Web application. The installer configures the IIS automatically. Consider calling the application by this name in your Web browser.

18. Click Next to finish the configuration.

Install12 2015.png

19. You can either choose if the GeoMedia Smart Client Tile Service is running under the “Local system account” or define another user. The second option is normally used if you want to access data sources (like Access MDB’s, shape files, …) who are located on a network share and the “Local system account” has no access privileges on these resources.

Blue.pngIf the tile service is installed on another server, perform this step on that server.

Install13 2015.png

20. When the configuration has been finished successfully, you will see the Status change to a green button.

Install14 2015.png

21. Modify the security settings of the NETWORK SERVICE for the following folders that were created during the installation process. The path to the following folders depends on the path you defined in the installation. If you used the default path, you find the folders under C:\Program Files\Intergraph\..

  • ..\GeoMedia SmartClient\Program (and all subfolders) (at least read)
  • ..\GeoMedia SmartClient\Program\Log (at least modifiy)
  • ..\GeoMedia SmartClient\Program\Maps\Log (at least modifiy)
  • ..\GeoMedia SmartClient\Program\Workflows\Log (at least modifiy)
  • ..\GeoMedia SmartClient\Program\Workflows\FormSettings (at least read)
  • ..\GeoMedia SmartClient\Program\Workflows\WorkflowSettings (at least read)
  • ..\GeoMedia SmartClient\Program\Administrator\Log (at least modifiy)
  • The Smart Client Warehouse folder and all subfolders must have full permission.
  • TEMP folder, which is defined in Environment variables (Default: C:\Windows\Temp) (at least modifiy): Set by default but sometimes disabled by the administrator on the server side

22. Restart the IIS.

23. Restart the Intergraph TileService in the service console.

24. To log on to the Administrator, first open the url you have defined in Step 14 in a Web browser. (For instance: Then type in the default username (SCAdmin) and password (SCAdmin) to log in to the GeoMedia Smart Client Administrator.

Further steps

test To the top Pfeil new.png

With GeoMedia Smart Client 2015 the location of the Workflow’s custom themes changed. This was done due to the request to have all custom code and configuration in one unified location.

Blue.pngCopy your custom theme folders from
…\GeoMedia SmartClient\Program\Workflows\Content\Css\workflow-themes

…\GeoMedia SmartClient\Program\Workflows\Custom\Themes

Blue.pngRemove the first two lines of theme-content.less of a custom theme. Here is an example with 'MyTheme'

 @ig-theme: 'MyTheme'; 
 @import '../../ig/ig-content-less.less';

Blue.pngRemove the first two lines of theme-menu.less of a custom theme. Here is an example with 'MyTheme'

 @ig-theme: 'MyTheme'; 
 @import '../../ig/ig-menu-less.less';

Configuration of GeoMedia Smart Client

test To the top Pfeil new.png

On this page you can find details about different configuration options of GeoMedia Smart Client.


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1 "NO VALID LICENSE FOUND. PLEASE LICENSE YOUR PRODUCT" after starting the adminsitrator though the licence is integrated already
2 "Missing configuration for Sites." after starting the administrator
3 The administrator keep coming up blank with no errors in the log files
4 Upload file workflow and you get an error message Permission denied... or something similar

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