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Blue.pngAll fields marked with an asterisk (*) are mandatory in order to save the form.


Field Description
Simple Id Not editable. After saving the feature form the feature gets automatically a simple id.
Project Project the feature belongs to.
Name Name of the feature. Use a descriptive one for better handling and usability.
Description Any description relating to the feature.
Minimum scale Minimum map scale for displaying the feature in the client.
Maximum scale Maximum map scale for displaying the feature in the client.
Url You have to paste your valid IWS Url into this field.
  • For example: ecwp://myServer/myFile.ecw
Opacity Transparency of a feature, usually defined by its alpha channel. Use values between 0 and 1. Value 1 = default and means no transparency.

Blue.pngCoordinate system of ECW and project coordinate system must be the same.

Click Save to store the feature.


This video shows how Apollo Essentials Streaming looks like in the GeoMedia Smart Client.


test To the top Pfeil new.png

ECW streaming not working in GMSC

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