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GMSC 2015


Heatmap overview.png

Field Description
Unit Three possible options:
  • Pixel
  • Meter
  • Foot
Blue.pngPixel is a scale independent unit. That means that the symbol has the same size at every scale of the map. Meter and Foot are scale dependent.

Geometry Function Four possible options:
  • Linestart
  • Midpoint
  • Lineend
  • Vertex
Radius Size of the circle, which is filled with the colors of the gradients.
Weighting Value of weight a single point gets.

The following screenshots shows you the consequence of this value:

Weighting: 0.2 Weighting: 1 Weighting: 5
Heatmap weighting 02.png Heatmap weighting 1.png Heatmap weighting 5.png
Weighting threshold This allows you to enable a threshold, that means not every single point has the same gradient stop, but a point cloud of 10. The following screenshots are showing this difference between Weighting threshold enabled or disabled:
Weighting Threshold: Unchecked Weighting Threshold: Checked with a value of 10
Weighting threshold disabled.png Weighting threshold enabled 10.png
Opacity in %: Allows you to change the opacity of the HeatMap within the style.
Add types: There are five default gradient stops visible. So the gradient stops are at 0 - 0.2 - 0.4 - 0.6 - 1.
  • Color: You change the color of the specific gradient stop.
  • Offset: The number, where the gradient stops ends.
Blue.pngIt is not possible to set an higher offset than 1.

  • Actions:

Click Delete style.png to get rid of one or more gradient stops.

Add gradient stop Adds one gradient stop next to the selected one. Exceptional if you select the last one, than a gradien stop before the last one is added, because as it is mentioned earlier the highest offset is 1.
Blue.pngIf no gradient stop is selected the gradient gets added before the last one.

Restore default If you aren't happy with your gradient stops (color and/or offset), you can restore the default gradient stops by clicking on this button.
Blue.pngAlso database values are allowed. Just click the database button on the right side of the textbox. So the button Database inactive.png switches to Database active.png.

Click Save to save the settings and you will get forwarded to your symbology list.


test To the top Pfeil new.png

Here you can see a tutorial how to create a HeatMap symbolizer and how to use it in Smart Client and Smart Client Public Maps.

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