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The graphic element allows you to add an image to you print page, such as a logo for example.

To add a graphic to the page, click on the element and then drag on a desired spot on the white page. You can adjust the properties of the graphic in the element settings window. Here a settings description:

Graphic - Attributes

Graphic Element Settings
Position [mm] Specification of the position of element on the page.
Left Horizontal distance from the top-left corner.
Top Vertical distance from the top-left corner.
Width x Height [mm] Size of the graphic
Border [mm] Settings regarding the graphic border.
Show border Is frame border visible? (Yes/No)
Dash array Constructs a dashed border line. The dash parameter are separated by spaces (for example 5 10 15).
Dash offset Distance between the dashes.
Fill Does the frame have a fill color? (Yes/No)
Linewidth Width of the graphic border line. (Default: 0.4)
Left The left distance from the graphic frame to the graphic itself. (Default: 0)
Top The top distance from the graphic frame to the graphic itself. (Default: 0)
Right The right distance from the graphic frame to the graphic itself.(Default: 0)
Bottom The bottom distance from the graphic frame to the graphic itself. (Default: 0)
Fill-Color Fill color of the graphic. (Default: white)
Color Color of the line. (Default: black)
Image-Settings The placeholder for graphic source.

When you drag the image on the white page, the graphic looks as follows:

Graphic Wrong Image Path.png

Don't get irritated by the text "WRONG IMAGE PATH!". We are using user-defined placeholders, enabling you to dynamically adjust the source of the image. The image path is set in GeoMedia Smart Client Administrator.

Placeholders hold the following syntax: {CUSTOM.PLACEHOLDERNAME}. Example: {CUSTOM.LOGO}


test To the top Pfeil new.png

This example should demonstrate the logic behind linking a placeholder graphic element created with Print Layout Editor to an image incorporated in GeoMedia Smart Client Administrator:

In the Print Layout Editor

1. Select the corresponding graphic element:

Graphic Wrong Image Path Selected.png

2. Specify the image placeholder in the settings window with the Syntax {CUSTOM.PLACEHOLDERNAME}:

Print Graphic Properties1.png

3. Click Apply on the bottom of the properties window to create the placeholder.

4. Click Placeholder ple.png at the editor toolbar to open the placeholder editor window:

Placeholder logo.png

Make sure that the newly created placeholder is registered in the User-defined list. You can add a label and description to the placeholder and determine whether it should be editable or not.

In GeoMedia Smart Client Administrator

test To the top Pfeil new.png

1. When creating the New Print Layout and importing the layout file (.scl) previously created with the Print Layout Editor

Print Layout specification.png

the placeholders created with the Print Layout Editor (for example LOGO) will be implicitely registered in GeoMedia Smart Client Administrator as Print Keys.

2. In your print layout, navigate to the tab PrintValues.

LayoutEditor PrintValues.png

The graphic placeholder LOGO you previously created in the Print Layout Editor, can be observed in the list.

3. To set the source of the graphic, click Edit:

LayoutEditor PrintValues2.png

In the Edit window you can select the image resource by checking the approriate entry:

Print Layout Select Resource.png

By clicking Save button, the image registered in GeoMedia Smart Client Administrator is linked to the placeholder of the layout.

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