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The Frame element allows you to divide the your print page into sections.

To draw a frame on the print page, click on the element and then drag it on the white page. Adjust position and size afterwards.

The following figure shows an example, dividing the print page into three sections:

Print Frame Example.png

In the Print Elements Settings Window you can specify the properties of the frame element:


Frame Attributes

Frame element settings
Position [mm] Specification of the position of element on the page.
Left Horizontal distance from the top-left corner.
Top Vertical distance from the top-left corner.
Width x Height [mm] Size of the frame
Border [mm] Settings regarding the frame border.
Show border Is frame border visible? (Yes/No).
Dash array Constructs a dashed border line. The dash parameter are separated by spaces (for example 5 10 15).
Dash offset Distance between the dashes.
Fill Does the frame have a fill color? (Yes/No)
Fill-Color Fill color of the frame (Default: white).
Linewidth Width of the frame line. (Default: 0.4)
Color Color of the line (Default: black).

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