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GeoMedia Smart Client Workflows offer an easy-to-use metalanguage to guide users through workflows. With the simple configuration defined in XML, you can create your own processes with lists and forms to edit attributive data.

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  • Definition in XML format
  • Server extendable in .NET
  • Client extendable in JavaScript
  • Support for Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle databases
  • Database model independent
  • Themeable
  • Wizard-like navigation
  • Forms and filterable lists
  • Reports GMSC 2014
  • Maps GMSC 2014

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UI Examples

The following screenshots show Workflow-Forms with different form elements. They show possible form configurations and reference the corresponding sections in the document.

Example 1 - List-Controller with filter:

Admin formview.png


  • Top: Breadcrumb trail ( → Site:YOUR_SITEFeatures)
  • Top Middle: Expanded Filter Area (can be collapsed) with predefined filters (combobox in upper-right corner) and filter fields
  • Left Side: WorkflowLinkGroup with WorkflowLinks
  • Middle: List-Controller with FormAction: visible="list" type="row"
  • Bottom Line: Pagination of the List-Controller Arrow Pan

Example 2 - Form-Controller with tabs:

Start overview.PNG


  • Below Top: Expanded Form-Tabs
  • Hierarchical Form-Elements in Tab General:
    • FormGroup: Defined by white lines
      • FormField of different type
      • FormTable Symbology Definition with row-action
  • FormAction: Save, Delete, Export and Cancel

Example 3 - Modal Form over mainpage:

Modal form


  • Main Page darkens - Modal Form opens on Top

Language: English