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With the GPS Plugin, a user has the possibility to connect a GPS device with GeoMedia Smart Client and capture the current position. Click GPS Command StartGPSButton.png and you can start and stop the GPS Support. If you start the GPS Support the first time, the GPS settings dialog box will open. If the user has already worked with the GPS Support, GPS will start with the last stored settings. While GPS is active, the StartGPSButtonSelected.png will be selected.

GPS Settings Dialog

The GPS Settings dialog differs between two methods of getting your GPS position displayed in GeoMedia Smart Client.

GPS Devices

Install your GPS Device and all applications that the GPS device needs to run. Be sure that the COM Port settings are correct, confirming the manufacturer's specifications. Activate the GPS device and be sure that there is a signal.

Leica CS25

The GPS Plugin for Smart Client was tested with the Leica CS25. There are two ways to use a Leica CS25. If you are using the Leica CS25 with the internal antenna, you have to set the following in your GPS Settings dialog box:

  • Device = SerialDevice
  • COM-Port = COM3
  • Baudrate = 38400

If you are using the Leica device with an external antenna, you have to install ZENO CONNECT on your Leica CS25. Follow the installation and user guide of the manufacturer. The following are the settings of the GPS Settings dialog box:

  • Device = SerialDevice
  • COM-Port = COM66
  • Baudrate = 38400

Supported Devices

  • Leica CS25
Blue.pngEvery GPS-Device that streams NMEA0183 Sentences over a COM-Port (minimum sentences are RMC, GGA, GSA).

For more information about NMEA sentences visit [1]

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