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Blue.pngThis method requires a GeoMedia Library with legend(s) and warehouse connection(s) defined.

By clicking on GeoMedia Access Library, the following form will be opened.

GeoMedia Library.png

You must complete the following two steps to import the feature information:

Field Description
Project Select the project from a drop down list, for whose you want to add features.
Library Select the path, where your library is stored

Click Load Feature to get the list of all features in your warehouse. If Smart Client is able to read the stored reference to the features, you will see all features to select on the General tab. Select the ones you want to import. On the second tab (Load Trace), the log file of the reading process is stored.

Gm access2.png

Loadfeature filter.png
On the top of this window, you can filter the features by Name or by Geometrytype. Click Apply Filter to activate the filter.

Gmaccess main.png
The main window, where you have to switch the feature(s) from the left to the right side, works like the Legend, Overview and Projectview panel. On the left side the features has to be checked and assigned to the theme named "Features to import". You can Select all or Clear selection.

After finishing featurse you have to click Import.

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