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Database Oracle SQLServer Access

The set up of an SQLServer connection differs only slightly from making an Oracle connection. You only need to add the information from the SQLServers´ entity.

Connect SqlServer.png

  • Fill in the user´s name in the textfield User ID and the password in the field Password.
  • Add the connection string to the database in Data source. To connect to an SQLServer database, the string must be in the form databaseserver/instance


test To the top Pfeil new.png

Data Source=gmsc-server/SQLExpress;Initial Catalog=MySchemaName;User Id=MyUsername; Password=MyPassword


User Id: MyUsername
Password: MyPassword
Data Source: gmsc-server/SQLExpress
Initial Catalog: MySchemaName

The box Connect is filled in automatically with a string in the format, as shown in the example, once you have entered all required fields.

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