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Database Oracle SQLServer Access

To add data from an Access warehouse, select a warehouse file (.mdb) from the combobox Path.

Blue.pngAll warehouse files need to be placed in the GMSC Warehouse\AppData\System\Access folder. The location of the GMSC Warehouse folder is defined during the configuration of the GeoMedia Smart Client. You must transfer all files manually to this folder!

Currently, one Access data format (.mdb) is supported by Smart Client. When using this Database connect, you do not need GeoMedia Metadata to be stored in the warehouse.

Connect Access.png

The box Connect is filled in automatically with the OLEDB connect string for Access.

Blue.pngUsername and password are optional. Use this in case the warehouse is protected by a password.

Blue.pngOnly if you have installed AccessDatabaseEngine_x64.exe it is possible to use Access Libraries.

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