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Blue.pngTo successfully import features, you need feature tables with valid geometry objects.

Open the following form by From Database. The dialog box is divided into two categories:

Add features directly from datebase

Field Description
Project Select the project from a drop down list, where the features should be added.
Coordinate system Select the coordinate system from a drop down list in which the features are stored.
Blue.pngOnly coordinate systems are available, which are defined by creating/modifying a project.

Blue.pngIf you leave the Coordinate system field empty, the Project CS is the same as the coordinate system of the feature(s).

Provider Select the Provider that your spatial data is stored in.

Provide the necessary information to be able to connect to the data. The connection string varies depending on the provider.
You have instant access to three database providers:

Blue.pngOther data formats (for example WMS) must be loaded with GeoMedia WebMap and can only be defined in the section New feature.

Loading features

test To the top Pfeil new.png

After entering all necessary information, click Load Feature to get the list of all features in your data connection. Mark the check box of the required feature(s) and click Import. If the import was successful, you will be forwarded to the feature overview.


Filter features at import

test To the top Pfeil new.png

On the top of this window, you can filter the features by Name or by Geometrytype. Click Apply Filter to activate the filter.

Loadfeature main.png
Assigning the features is working like for Overview. Select some or all of the features on the left side and click Assign to get it to the right side. You can also Select all or Clear selection.

After finishing featurse you have to click Import.

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