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"NO VALID LICENSE FOUND. PLEASE LICENSE YOUR PRODUCT" after starting the adminsitrator though the licence is integrated already

A: The path of the licence file isn´t correct. Please ensure that the licence is stored in the following directory C:\Users\Public\Intergraph\licenses.

"Missing configuration for Sites." after starting the administrator

A: The application pools in the IIS are running in 32-bit mode. Please change all application pools starting with GMSC to 64-bit.

The administrator keep coming up blank with no errors in the log files

A: The Role Service HTTP Redirection wasn't installed.

Upload file workflow and you get an error message Permission denied... or something similar

A: Check if the Network service has at least modify permission on TEMP folder (Default: C:\Windows\Temp), which is defined at the Environment variables.


I can't see features in the list although the connection to the database (SQLServer) is correct

A: The table at the database has to contain two columns. At first the one with the geometry stored in and another for BLOB. The BLOB column has to be named like the geometry column. One possibility is that the geometry column is named GEOMETRY_SPA, then the BLOB column has to be just named GEOMETRY. Another example is that the geometry column is named geom, then the BLOB columns has to be named exactly the same then the geometry column with the extension _GDO. The datatype of the BLOB column is varbinary(max).

Launching GeoMedia Smart Client

javafx-windows-i586__Vlatest.exe is not a valid Win32 application

JavaFx Installation Error.png

A: This error is a known issue of the automatic installation procedure of JavaFX since Java SE 7u4. [see:]. To solve this problem, you have to download and install the JavaFX Runtime setup seperately. You can find the Runtime for you operating system at - JavaFX 2.1 for JDK 6 users.


Can't select or fit to the query result(s) --> I can see the result of my executed query in the datagrid but nothing happens if I try to select or fit one of them in the map

A: Please inform your administrator that he or she has to check the following fact:

If your data is stored in ORALCE, check the datatype of your ID column. The GeoMedia Smart Client Server cannot correctly interact with GeoMedia Smart Client itself if the datatype of your ID column is, for example, NUMBER(38,0) because that is not a valid Integer/Long value. Change the datatype to the highest possible Long value, which is NUMBER(18,0).


PrintLayoutEditor can't start because it can't find any printers

Solution 1: Please ensure that at least one printer is installed on your computer.

  • Your operating system is Microsoft Windows and all your printers are deactivated because the printer spooler service is deactivated.

Solution 2: Open the Services Dialog, set the startup type of the printer spooler (spoolsv.exe) to Automatic and start the service or open the command line and execute the following commands

sc config spooler start= auto
net start spooler

My layout doesn't look correct in GeoMedia SmartClient

A: Please see the FAQ My layout doesn't look correct if I resize it.

My layout doesn't look correct if I resize it

A: Please ensure that your print layout considers all scaling rules of the corresponding resizing mode.

Blue.pngDescription: The PrintLayoutEditor has the following two resizing modes:

  1. Resizing of ungrouped layouts - For more details see PrintLayoutEditor
  2. Resizing of grouped layouts - For more details see PrintLayoutEditor

Traffic Network

The main road is displayed at one crossroads above the other and at another crossroads the same main road is displayed beneath the other road

A: You have to define a higher Displaylevel: for your main road. The ZLevel is for both roads the same value, but the main road gets always displayed above the other roads.


The FeatureInspector looks like the following screenshot in my GeoMedia Smart Client

Featureinspector notdownload.png
A: This appears, if GeoMedia Smart Client hasn't created the cache yet. So you right clicked on a hidden feature, without displaying it at any time you startet GeoMedia Smart Client. To solve this problem, you just have to set the desired feature class to visible and then again right click on the feature class and Show FeatureInspector.


ECW streaming not working in GMSC.

java.util.concurrent.ExecutionException: java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: com.ermapper.ecw.JNCSEcwConfig.setTextureDither(Z)V
    at java.util.concurrent.FutureTask$Sync.innerGet(Unknown Source)
    at java.util.concurrent.FutureTask.get(Unknown Source)

A: Following error message appears in the log file: Install the Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Feature Pack Redistributable Package.

Integrated Workflows in GeoMedia Smart Client

Provider could not be initialized: SessionContextProvider --> ORA-00942: table or view does not exist

A: The provider name of your workflow connection string is not correct. In case of the SmartClientConnectionProvider, the value of the connection string will be defined by Smart Client. Check your Web.config.

Cannot edit existing geometries --> I'm not able to edit an existing geometry because I only see the defined "NewActions" in the left panel of GeoMedia Smart Client if I try to edit an existing geometry

Solution 1: Check your workflow definition and ensure that visible attribute of your idfield is true or hidden and NOT false.
Solution 2: The problem can be related with the following query issue: Can't select or fit to the query result(s)

Offline Data Capturing

My offline page isn't styled

Solution 1: Please be sure that the Debug appsetting in your Workflow.config is set to false. If the Debug mode is true, change it to false and restart your IIS.
Solution2: Your offline workflow page wasn't completely synchronized. Please login in GeoMedia Smart Client (online) and check if you can find for each offline workflow the message "INFO: Application cache reload finished!" in your log file.

Where can I see my offline workflow during the development

1: Ensure that your configuration is correct. (Workflow-Configuration, Action-Definition, Claim-Assignment)
2: Start GeoMedia Smart Client and login with a user which has the offline workflow assigned.
3. Check your log file (status bar) for a message like the following
OfflineSupport NewOfflineManifest.png
4. Copy the URL and open it in your browser.

Blue.pngYour browser caches the offline-form, so you should delete the browser cache (including the HTML5 Application Cache)

My offline workflow button is greyed out if I start GMSC in offline-mode

Solution 1:: Check My offline page isn't styled

Solution 2:: Please login in GeoMedia Smart Client (online) and check if you can find for your offline workflow a error-message like:
SEVERE: Can't prepare the 'OFFLINE' for offline usage because of an exception! --> [pool-1-thread-2] com.intergraph.web.plugin.offlinedatasupport.OfflineDataSupportPlugin.prepareOfflineWorkflows<br/> http://localhost/GMSC/Workflows/Manifest?workflow=MyOfflineWorkflow&form=My_OfflineForm&WORKFLOW_PROJECT=12345678-1234-1234-1234-123456789012&WORKFLOW_SITE=GMSC&lang=en-US in your log file.

What should you do?
1. Check if the URL of your action definition is correct. For example, the red colored URL misses the required controler definition, because the URL should look like http://localhost/GMSC/Workflows/SmartClientOffline?Manifest&workflow=MyOfflineWorkflow&form=My_OfflineForm&WORKFLOW_PROJECT=12345678-1234-1234-1234-123456789012&WORKFLOW_SITE=GMSC&lang=en-US . Correct your action definition, reload GMSC and try it again.

2. Open the URL which is defined after the (red colored) in your browser and check if the page is reachable. Check if the URL of your action definition is correct.

Workflow Editor

*.wepf file can't be opened

A: Delete the content of the following folder C:\Users\{YourUserName}\AppData\Roaming\Intergraph\WorkflowEditor.