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The FormSingleRow element is used for the generation of several (usually two) FormFields in a single row. The default length of a FormField inside a FormSingleRow is half the length of the FormField (not enclosed in a FormSingleRow). To render the enclosed FormFields correctly, the maximum length of the shorter FormField has to be set to maxlength="10" (or smaller); the longer FormField has to be set to maxlength="40" (or smaller).

The default configuration of two FormFields in a FormSingleRow has three different layouts regarding the length of the FormFields (Length of the FormField in brackets):

  • long (40) - short (10)
  • short (10) - long (40)
  • medium (25) - medium (25)


Attribute Mandatory Description
name yes Unique name of the form within the FormList.

 <FormSingleRow ... name="AddressSR" ... />
authorization no Only users with the appropriate Role/Claim are authorized to view/process the element.

 <FormSingleRow ... authorization="ROLE[ADMIN,EDITOR]" ... />
 <FormSingleRow ... authorization="CLAIM[WF_ADMIN,WF_EDIT]" ... />
editable no Boolean value which defines, if the form is editable:
  • editable="true"
  • editable="SCRIPT[...]"
  • editable="SESSION[KeyExists(...)]"
  • editable="SQL[...]"
  • editable="OBJECT[...]"

 <FormSingleRow ... editable="false" ... />
 <FormSingleRow ... editable="SCRIPT[...]" ... />
 <FormSingleRow ... editable="SESSION[KeyExists ({SESSION.SELECTION})]" ... />
 <FormSingleRow ... editable="SQL[SELECT CASE TYPE WHEN 'Normal' THEN 1 ELSE 0 END FROM TABLE1 WHERE ID={FORM.ID} ...]" ... />
 <FormSingleRow ... editable="OBJECT[...]" ... />
template no Template used for the layout of the SingleRow. If no template is declared, the width of the FormFields will be defined automatically according to the value of their maxlength attribute.

Templates to be used are:

  • FormSingleRowMiddleTemplate: space is divided evenly between two FormFields
  • FormSingleRowFloatingTemplate: space is divided according to the available place
  • FormSingleRow3FieldsTemplate: space is divided evenly among three FormFields

 <FormSingleRow ... template="FormSingleRowMiddleTemplate" ... />
visible no Defines the visibility of the FormSingleRow; the result has to deliver true or false. The visibility can be defined in a few ways:
  • visible="false"
  • visible="SESSION[KeyExists(...)]"
  • visible="SCRIPT[...]"
  • visible="hidden"
  • visible="OBJECT[...]"

 <FormSingleRow ... visible="false" ... />
 <FormSingleRow ... visible="SESSION[KeyExists({SESSION.SELECTION})]" ... />
 <FormSingleRow ... visible="SCRIPT[classname.methodname(variable1, variable2, ...)]" ... />

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