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GMSC 2015


Attribute Mandatory Description
name yes Name of the FormMapViewer.
mapview no Defining which mapview should be visible at the map in the workflow.
Blue.pngThe default value of this is the configured mapview in the administrator of Public Maps.

baseurl yes The basurl of the Public Maps.
Blue.pngDefault value is http://myServer/GMSC/Public.

Blue.pngGMSC is the default value at your installation. If you have a custom name in the IIS for your GMSC application, you have to replace GMSC with the custom name.

site yes Name of your Site.
Blue.pngDefault value is GMSC.

project yes Name of the project for which Public Maps should be available in the workflow.
zoomlevel no Defines at which zoomlevel Public Maps should start in the workflow.
Blue.pngDefault value is the pre configured zoomlevel of the mapview.

center yes Defines the center at which Public Maps should be aligned at in the workflow.

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