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The FormFilter element is used to offer predefined filters as a combobox in the filter area of the List-Controller.

  <FormFilter name="LasVegas" label="Only Las Vegas Project" filter="SQL[PROJECT_ID='924f0dd9-e2b7-435c-a989-9d751cafb194']"/>

Filter definition


Attribute Mandatory Description
name yes Unique name of the FormFilter within the form (has to be written in UPPERCASE letters and must not contain any special characters).

  <FormFilter ... name="TODAYFILTER" ... />
filter no Represents the WHERE-clause which filters the List-Controller.

 <FormFilter ... filter="SQL[TO_CHAR(DELIVERYDATE, '')=TO_CHAR(SYSDATE, '')]" ... />
isdefault no Boolean value; if set to "true", this filter will be set automatically when entering the List-Controller.

 <FormFilter ... isdefault="true" ... />
label no Label for the form displayed in Workflow-Form.

 <FormFilter ... label="General Data" ... />

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