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Feature right1.png

Field Description
Project Every assigned feature to the project is listed in the lower part of the window.´
Blue.pngHow to add a project can be found here.

Blue.pngHow to add features to a project can be found here.

Blue.pngHow to assign features to the legend can be found here.

Name You can filter the features by name.
Blue.pngPrerequisite a project has to be chosen already.

Right Different handle options for the user in GeoMedia Smart Client:
  • None: The feature is not visible for the user.
  • Visualize: The user can only switch between Hide/Show feature.
  • Activate: The user is able to activate the feature. This is needed for users to use for example Actions or Queries.
  • Modify: The user is able to edit/modify the feature. Has to be set to Modify if you want to edit the feature (like editing the geometry of a feature) or if you want to change the symbology of a feature on the client.
Blue.png For the last two rights (Activate and Modify) you have to check Is locateable in the feature form(s). How to check this field see here and select your feature datasource.

The following screenshot shows a possible feature list:

Feature right2.png

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