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Blue.pngFeature Inspector is basically for administrators.

Blue.pngFeature Inspector only makes sense with cached feature(s) and it is a graphical representation of the tiles.

With the Feature Inspector you are able to get information about the tiles of the cached feature(s).

At first you have to assign the right to have access to the Feature Inspector. How to do this you can read here.

Featureinspector claim.png

Click Apply selection to save the changes.

Access/Options of FeatureInspector

test To the top Pfeil new.png

If you start GeoMedia Smart Client, you should be able to see the tab FeatureInspector in the Menu Window.

Featureinspector tab.png

In the above screenshot you see three actions, which are available in connection with FeatureInspector:

Action Description
Featureinspector clear.png With this action the FeatureInspector gets cleared and disappears.
Featureinspector limit.png With this action you are able to change the limit of the size of one tile.
Featureinspector refresh.png With this action the status of the tiles in FeatureInspector gets refreshed.

Beside the effect, that a new tab named FeatureInspector gets visible, when the rights are assigned the user also gets an option named Show FeatureInspector by right clicking on a feature class.

Featureinspector call.png

If you click on it, a new window pops up, where you have two options to turn on/off.

Featureinspector options.png

You can on the one hand show/hide empty tiles, so you get a better overview of your created tiles and on the other hand you can also show/hide the number of row and column. The following screenshot shows an examples of the usage of FeatureInspector.
In this case the feature class has a tiling of 2x2. So there are 2 rows and 2 columns. The two options are checked, so on the left and on the top border you see the column/row number.

Featureinspector tiles1.png

Blue.pngThe red tiles are bigger than the limit, which is predefined with a size of 500kb.

You have two options to solve the "problem". If the network speed isn't too slow, you can set up a higher limit for tile size (see table above). If the network speed is too slow (for example in an intranet), you have to set new values for rows and columns in the tiling area for example in your databased feature and you have to publish the feature again (here).

If you now hover your mouse over one of the tiles, you will get a tooltip window, where several information about this tile is listed.

Featureinspector selected info.png

First row
[SimpleID of feature] Name of feature (for example [7] CENSUS_BLOCKS)
Field Description
col In which column is the current tile.
row In which row is the current tile.
id Which id has the current tile.
timestamp Date and time when the tile was created.
status Which status has the actual tile.
cache size Which size has the current tile.

Blue.pngGreen tile(s) are within the limit of the tile size. Red tile(s) are bigger than the limit. Blue tile(s) are not downloaded yet.

cache location Defines where the tile is stored


test To the top Pfeil new.png

The FeatureInspector looks like the following screenshot in my GeoMedia Smart Client

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