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GMSC 2015

Edit wmts1.png
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test To the top Pfeil new.png

Blue.pngThe following table only shows the new generated fields. For information about the others please have a look at New WMTS.

Field Description
Depth You will get the possibility to edit the depth afterwards. To do so you have to click Unlock.png. Then you will get the same two possibilities like in creating a new WMTS.
Url This will be the URL of the WMTS in case for example you want to use the same WMTS in Smart Client itself or you want to use it as a Base Map in Public Maps.
Available features On the left hand side, you can choose between the features, which are already assigned to the legend of the specified project. On the right hand side you will see the features, which are used for the WMTS. To use some of the features of your GeoMedia Smart Client project for your WMTS, you have to check the box in front of the name on the left side and then click Assign. You can also remove some of the features from the right side by checking the box of the feature and clicking Remove.

Blue.pngThe draw order of the layers is the same as in the Smart Client. The first layer the most above one. If you aren't satisified with the layer order, you can check the box of one of the feature and at the other you have to click on the name and then click Move After. As a result the checked feature is displayed next to the selected one.

Blue.png You can also assign whole themes to the WMTS. Every feature contained in the theme will be available in the WMTS.

Click Save to save the changes.
Click Delete to get rid of the WMTS definition.


test To the top Pfeil new.png

The second tab, which is shown in the WMTS editing form is named Scales.
Scales wmts.png

Column Description
Zoomlevel The number of rows and the number you've typed in the field Depth are the same.
ScaleDenominator For every zoomlevel you will get the automatically calculated scale. You can edit the scale by clicking Edit.png.
Tilecount For every zoomlevel you will get a number of tiles, which must be cached. Of course the higher the zoomlevel the more tiles.

Blue.pngPlease consider the time, which is necessary to publish the WMTS if you have a lowest scale of 1:50 for example.

Actions Edit.png allows you to change the ScaleDenominator.

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