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The Edit geometry panel underneath the Construction Aid allows you to perform spatial modifications of existing features, such as moving features to a different position, changing the position of single feature vertexes, and deleting features and spatial operations.

To edit an existing feature(s), you have to select it first. In order to select it, you have to set the corresponding feature class or working level to active.

Right click on the corresponding feature class or working level in the legend panel, and then click Set active. When the feature class or working level is active, you can select the designated feature(s) by clicking on the feature.

Available actions
Red poly icon.PNG Inserts new polygon
New polyline.png Inserts new polyline
Divide polyline.png Divide Polyline
New text.png Inserts new text
Edit text.png Edit Text
New point.png Inserts new point
EditCommand.png Edit feature
Rotate geometry.png Rotate geometry
Spatial difference.png Spatial difference
Merge.png Merge features
Divide.png Divide polygon
Move.png Move features
Redline delete.png Deletes the selected feature.
Undo.png Undo your last change.
Save.png Save your editing changes.
Red quitEditing.png Quits the editing functions and discard mall modifications.
Redo.png Redo your last edit change.

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