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The Chain Difference Dimensioning command Absolute chain icon.PNG allows you to perform chain dimensioning actions on features. Chain dimensioning refers to dimensioning from one feature to another where the end point of the previous dimension corresponds to the starting point of the next dimension.

The following graphic shows a step-by-step explanation of how chain difference dimensioning works:

1. Snapping to the vertexes

Snap from point to point in both horizontal and vertical directions until you have reached the last point. To snap to a point, hover the mouse over the feature until the brown cross symbols appear. Those symbols correspond to the respective vertices of the feature. Move the circular-shaped mouse cursor over the starting point, and click on the vertex to set the starting point. Drag the line to the next point, and repeat the snapping until you have reached the last point. Then click on the last point and drag the mouse either to the right or left, depending on where you want the dimensioning lines to be placed. Click again to confirm, which causes the Geometry information window to open.

Dim absolutChain example1.png

2. Geometry information window

The Geometry information window contains the length parameters of each dimensioning line:

Dim Chain info.png

The values in the Abscissa column contain the length values of the horizontal dimensions, whereas the values in the Ordinal column conform to the length values of the vertical dimensions.The Abscissa (measure) and the Ordinal (measure) column indicates the display text. You can also add/delete dimensions in the Geometry information window with the Dim geomInfo add.png / Dim geomInfo sub.png buttons on the top-right of the window.

After verifying the data values, click OK to finalize the dimensioning.

3. Result

The following graphic shows how the dimensioning lines are displayed in chain difference dimensioning:

Dim chainDiff example2.png

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