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Projects New Project Edit Project Coordinate System

Add coordinate system

test To the top Pfeil new.png

Click Add cs.png beside the Edit CS button to add a coordinate system (corresponding modal form is shown in the following figure).


Fields Description
Name Name of the coordinate system. Use a descriptive one for better handling and usability.
Description Any description relating to the coordinate system.
EPSG Code Type in the corresponding EPSG Code to the coordinate system you are using.
Blue.pngIf the EPSG code is set, be sure it's the correct one.

CSF Click Select. A new window opens, where you can select the location of the CSF for the coordinate system.

Blue.pngThe CSF gets stored in GMSC Warehouse folder if you click Save.

Blue.png If you have to define your own CSF, the installation of GeoMedia Smart Client offers you a tool to do it. This executable is the same as GeoMedia Pro uses and is stored at C:\Program Files\Common Files\Intergraph\Coordinate Systems\3.0\Program\CCSDefCSF.exe.

Existing CSF A drop down list which offers you all available CSF's stored in the GMSC Warehouse for the specific site.

Click Cancel to close the modal form.
Click Save to store the definition. Afterwards you can select it from the drop down lists Project CS and Display CS.

Blue.pngThe last defined one is automatically set for Project CS and coordinate systems with geographic coordinates aren't available in the drop down list for Project CS.

Edit coordinate system

test To the top Pfeil new.png

Click Edit cs.png beside the drop down list and you can edit the chosen coordinate system.

Blue.pngYou have to choose first a coordinate system to get the button.


Now you can download the CSF via the Download button.

To delete a coordinate system definition click Delete in the modalform.

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