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Client function Description
AuxiliaryConstruction Turn on/off the Construction Aid. For more details see Construction Aid.
Dimensioning Turn on/off the Dimensioning tab. For more details see Dimensioning.
Extended Tooltip Turn on/off the Extended Tooltip. For more details see at the bottom of Menu Window.
FeatureInspector Turn on/off the FeatureInspector. Form more details see Feature Inspector.
GPS Turn on/off the GPS plugin. For more details see GPS.
LTT Turns on/off the possibility to use Long Term Transactions.
Blue.pngIs only available if your Admin schema is in a oracle database.

Blue.pngHow to activate LTT can be read here.

Measure Turn on/off the Measure tab. For more details see Measure Tab. You can choose between different precision types. MeasurePrecisionMetre, MeasurePrecisionCentimetre, MeasurePrecisionDecimetre and MeasurePrecisionMillimetre.
ModifySymbology Turn on/off the button for creation a new symbology on the client side. For more details see Alternative Symbology.
Printing Turn on/off the Printing tab. For more details see Printing.
QuickPick Turn on/off the mode Quick pick in the queries panel. For more details see here respectively here.
Redlining Turn on/off the Redlining tab. For more details see Redlining.
ScaleIndependent To allow a role to disable the scale dependancy. For more details see Scale Dependency.
ShareBookmark Turn on/off the possibility to share bookmarks. For more deatils see Bookmark Manager.
Synchronization Turn on/off the Synchronization cache button. For more information see Synchronize Cache.
SynchronizeGrids If you have two queries on the same feature (for example one query for ownership of parcels and the second one for property information of parcels) then as a result you will get a data window on the bottom of the main window of GeoMedia Smart Client with two tabs (each for one query). Now you want to know for a specific owner the property information of his parcel(s). Then you select one on the one tab and on the other the associated information is also available.

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