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The action browse opens a defined URL in the GeoMedia Smart Client's own browser.

Parameter Description
activeFeatureRequired Set to true or false if the action may only be executed if an active feature is defined in the map.
activeFeature If activeFeatureRequired is set to true, define the(Simple-) ID or the name of the required feature.
browserLocation Location where the browser will be opened on your screen: FRAME, BLOCKINGFRAME, GRID, or LEFT.
maximumSelection Determines which maximum map selection the user needs to execute the action.
minimumSelection Determines which minimum map selection the user needs to execute the action.
url Defines the URL of the Web site you want to open. Example:{SESSION.ID}&project={SESSION.PROJECT}&selection={SESSION.MAPSELECTION}

This URL opens the Web page in the Smart Client`s home directory and delivers predefined parameters. Detailed options for the SESSION parameter for the url can be found here.

target Controls in which browser document the URL will be displayed.
width Width of the browser`s frame.
height Height of the browser`s frame.

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