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These "parent" actions cannot be edited, but you can use them to derive your own actions from them. For example, you may add a specific URL forwarding to certain web services which, then, may be used by the user in the client.

Setting up an action needs the following parameters:

Available options
Base action:
Available Actions
AutomateExport automateExport allows you to export a file.
Browse The action browse opens a defined URL in the GeoMedia Smart Client's own browser.
BrowseInNativeBrowser The action browseInNativeBrowser opens a defined URL in your local default browser.
BrowseWorkflow The action browseWorkflow opens an additional workflow in the GeoMedia Smart Client's own webbrowser.
OfflineBrowseWorkflow The action offlineBrowseWorkflow allows you to browse in an offline workflow.
ShowFile The action showFile opens a file.
OpenFileInEditor This action opens a defined file in the window's editor. This function may not be used for all files.
Command The software uses this parameter to initialize the action.
Name This name will be the one displayed on the button in the client (in alphabetical order).
Tooltip (optional) Define a tooltip. Shows the user more information about the function that is stored behind the action.
Start on load (optional) The action will be executed automatically after starting the client´s project.
Project (optional) Select a project if you want to restrict the action to one specific project.
Tab Add the action to a new tab, or select an existing tab from the drop-down list. Users will see the action under the defined tab in the client. The following table shows you more information about the possibilities for Tab.
Action tabs
DATAGRID Action is added to the context menu of the datagrid.
ELEMENTCONTEXT Action is added to the context of the map, only when at least one item is selected in the map.
HIDDEN Action isn't visible in the UI at all. This is normally used if you define an action
called from the datagrid (for example to open a document).
LEGENDCONTEXT Action is added to the context menu of the legend.
MAPCONTEXT Action is added to the context menu of the map.
MENUBARFAVORITES Action is added to the right corner of the application (near help button).
Add cs.png With this button it is possible to add a tab in the menu window of GeoMedia Smart Client, where also Redlining, Dimensioning and so on are located.
Resource Filter There are three possibilities to filter the uploaded resources. How to upload a resource can be found here.
  • Resource: Filter by the name of the resource.
  • Category: Filter by the category of the resource.
  • Description: Filter by the description of the resource.
Resource (optional) All uploaded resources can be found here. Check one if you want to replace the button text for the action with a symbol.

Blue.pngYou have to assign every action as a claim for a specific role. How to assign a claim to a role can be found here.

Click Save button2.png to create the action.

Session Parameters

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Session parameters
Here you will find all SESSION parameters, which are available in the actions.

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